Warmth in the Darkness

The winter solstice has happened, Light has entered the world, and slowly our days become longer.

A couple ambles home one snowy evening.

A lot of time has passed since the last post. So much for the weekly habit! My inward critic would have me give up and not show up any more here.

My optimistic convictor is urging me to get back to it! Please, do keep reading to see the whole picture and to hear the theme of this past December.

What has happened in-between then and now? Well, sickness for a week, transferring between jobs, preparing for Christmas, and more sickness. It’s been full, good, but low key, and full of growth. Low key enough to say, “That’s ridiculous, why couldn’t you crank something out?”


Inadequacy seems to be the theme lately.

Were it not for the darkness, the light would never be so warm and pleasing!

I don’t mean inadequacy as in an Eeyore “I’m just not good enough,” but really in lacking some resource that makes it possible for all the puzzle pieces to fit how I imagined they would. But somehow, Providence puts the puzzle together, and in a way that looks better than my mind had designed it.

And it is Providence that called me back to here, to try again to be regular with doing the blogpost.

The fruit of a “sheltered” en pleine air with some art friends one cozy evening. (Recognize where it could be?)

I just wanted to wish you all a blessed New Year, full of the blessings and Peace of Christmas. The animal’s slimy, dusty manger definitely was an inadequate bed for the head of the King of Kings, yet for 2000 years, it’s been recognized as His first throne: somehow, it all works out.

Thanks so much for giving this a read and a look! Cheers to 2022.

Below, if you click on the picture, the link will take you too the same sort of trusty journal I did this picture in (Okay -not the EXACT one, but one like it. 😉) When you click the pictures-links below, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for helping me!

6 thoughts on “Warmth in the Darkness

  1. I definitely recognize it and you made it feel so cozy in your painting! Your painting gives it so much depth. I’m also excited that you’re getting back into blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

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